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Think different. Think virtual.


Think, A professional image

Virtual services have grown in popularity over the years in Australia and particularly overseas. The difference in using an Australian based assistant compared to an offshore assistant is that you will be working with someone who has local knowledge and who is experienced in how Australian businesses operate.  You'll have someone who is capable of representing you and your business. professionally. You won't compromise on quality or reliability when you choose local virtual support and you'll have a trusted and professional resource who will protect and care for your business as much as you do.


Think, A smarter way to work

Time is something we all would like more of.  But you can't buy time, and I can't sell it to you either.  What I can offer you are real solutions and results driven support. 

Do you need someone to manage your social media accounts to help you create an online presence and stay visible to potential clients? 

Do you need someone to create polished and visually stunning power point presentations to wow your audience?

Do you need someone to effectively handle your calendar, prioritise meetings, alert you of potential clashes and schedule customer appointments so you don't miss any opportunities?

Do you need someone who will proactively manage your emails, respond to your customer enquiries and filter out the noise to allow you breathing room to focus on your creative projects?

These are just a few of the areas that an assistant can help you shine.


Think, Outsourcing your way

 If you don't think you have the budget for an assistant, or that assistants are only for CEO's, then think again. Delegating to an online assistant compared to hiring a full time employee can save on equipment, office space and employee expenses. The first step is to talk through your requirements.

In preparation there are a few things you should think about;

  1. What would you like to spend less time doing?
  2. What tasks are taking up most of your time?
  3. What things are you unable to do yourself? (areas you don't have experience in or don't have time to do)

Together we will discuss what areas of your  business could be delegated and which processes can be streamlined.

Understanding the answers to these questions will help you to delegate your time more effectively and increase your productivity. In turn, it will allow me understand where my strengths can assist you and tailor a solution to fit your needs. This is the road-map to a successful virtual relationship.

Start with delegating just a few tasks. Even as little as three to four hours a week can make a big difference. Spend the time you get back focusing on your area of expertise.  

improve the way you work with virtual solutions

Integration & Privacy


An online assistant seamlessly and organically integrates into your business to become a valued partner and your 'on-call' go-to person.

You'll be dealing with the same person for all your requirements, so you won't need to worry about someone new having to learn your business each time.

I'll build relationships with your existing business partners and together, we will all work as one integrated team to help you achieve your goals.

Of course privacy and confidentially is paramount.  I have experience in protecting sensitive personal and business information. 



An online assistant can keep your business ticking over when you can't be there or need to take a well earned break.

I can help you with office coverage, temporary EA support or managing your email, calendar and phone calls in your absence. 

Need to be in two places at once? I can cover you when you can't be everywhere, every time.  

When you need someone to attend meetings on your behalf, take minutes and record actions, or cover you at networking events, I can help you stay on track and keep you connected.



Using virtual services doesn't require a lock-in contract or long term commitment. Whether it's a one off project, short-term assistance or you  need a presentation pulled together, no project too small. 

I can offer expedited services and quick turn-around for urgent projects. I can easily adapt to your schedule and can be available on call when you need me. I can work outside of core hours to help you meet your time-frames. 

So next time you find yourself running late, stuck in a meeting, or have a looming deadline, give yourself peace of mind that you have an assistant who is only a phone call away.